Welcome to Freegal® Movies and Television, a video streaming service from your local subscribing library.

Here is an overview of the Service:

  • Each registered cardholder is entitled to 3 movie or television viewing periods per week.  Each viewing period lasts 48 hours, and during the 48 hours you can stream a single feature film or television episode, as many times as you want.  So to be clear, each cardholder can access 3 feature films or television episodes or any combination thereof, during a one week period.
  • The one week period is from Monday Morning at 12:01 am, to Sunday Midnight, Eastern Time.
  • After you have had 48 hours with a movie or television show, you will not be able to watch it again for six months, assuming the movie or episode is still available.
  • Freegal® Movies and Television is a dynamic service.  You may see a film or television show disappear from the service, only to reappear months later, or perhaps to be replaced with other content.  Please check in weekly for new content additions.

Please enjoy the service!

The Freegal® Movies Team